Products for event organisers

4m wide party tent
6m wide party tent
10m wide party tent
Party tent Starflex 18m
21,3m wide party tent
Pagoda party tent 5x5 m
15m wide party tent
Aluminium barricade
Truss stage 6x4m
Truss stage 8x6m
Scaffolding stage 6,21x5,14 m
Scaffolding stage 8,28x7,71 m
Scaffolding stage 10,35x7,71m
Scaffolding stage 12,42x10,28m
Truss stage 19x14m
Truss stage 12x10m
Truss stage 10x8m
SaddleSpan stage
Scaffolding stage base
Alternative stages
3-channel cable protector
PE modular flooring
Waterproof plywood floor
Modular plastic flooring
Cassette floor
Fitted carpets
Pop up tent 3x3m
Tall temporary fencing 2x3,5m
Low temporary fencing 1,2x3,m on stone feet 
Low crowd control barrier on fixed legs 1,1x2,5m
Staircases for podiums
1x2m podium
Diesel forced air heater 47kW
Ceiling fan
Perforated heat pipe
Diesel forced air heater 220kW
Deck heater 13kW
Grandstand with benches
Garment rack module with hooks
8m wide party tent
20’ Portable cabin 2,4x6 m
10’ Portable cabin 2,4x3m
20’ Ticket sales portable cabin 2,4x6m
Grandstand with chairs
Grandstand from scaffolding decks
Event system grandstand
Standard portable toilet
Wheelschair accessible portable  toilet
Hand washing station
Covers for the low 1,2x2,5 m crowd control barrier on fixed legs
Stanchion and ropes
Pop up tent 3x4,5m
Pop up tent 3x6m
Diesel heat radiator 24,4kW
PA towers
Video walls and towers
Entry and exit portals
Camera towers
1x1m podium
Platforms from scaffolding
5-channel cable protector
200W industrial LED light
Fire extinguisher 6 kg
Emergency exit sign
Rectangular folding table 152x76cm
Round folding table 152cm
Round folding table 183cm
Beer garden furniture
Tall rectangular folding table 160x60cm
Poseur table
Banquet chair
Folding chair Deluxe
Plastic folding chair
Bar stool
Tablecloth 160x60cm
Tablecloth 220x130cm
Stretch cover for a poseur table
Tablecloth 320cm in diameter
Tablecloth 280cm in diameter
Banquet chair cover
Cover for folding chair Deluxe
Cover for plastic folding chair
Truss stage 5,5x4,5m
Customised scaffolding solutions
SaddleSpan tent
Scaffolding stage 18,6x18m
Scaffolding stage 20,7x15,42m
Mobile stage 8x6m
Portable toilet with hand washing capability
Toilet trailer
String of lights
Tent doors
FOH with 2 stories
Roofed grandstand
Diesel heat radiator 29kW
Heated portable toilet with a channel
Heated toilet with a holding tank
Septic tank
20’ shower portable cabin
20’ WC portable cabin
Diesel forced air heater 81kW
Generator 24kW on a trailer
Generator 36kW
Generator 36kW on a trailer
Diesel refuelling station
Electrical cables
Sub-distribution switchboards
5x4 m truss system FOH
Pop up tent 4x8m
Party and garden tent 4x6m
Party and garden tent 4x8m
Party and garden tent 5x8m
Party and garden tent 5x10m
Pop up tent 2x2m
Pop up tent 4x6m
Alternative stage 6x6m
Alternative stage 5x5m
Automatic disinfector
Inflatable sofa 2-seater WHITE
Folding table 183x74cm
Beanbag RED
Beanbag BLACK
Beanbag BEIGE
Mobile fence diagonal support
Wheeled podiums
Podium Wings
Heated portable toilets on trailers
Electric air heater 18kW
4kW infrared heat radiator
3-seater leather sofa
Sofa table 55x55cm
Office desk 160x120cm
Office chair
Leg mirror
Wheelschair accessible heated portable toilet
Garbage bag holder 240L
Garbage container 140L
IBC container 1000L (diesel tank)
Electric air heater 3.3kW
Scangrip Nova 6 SPS industrial lamp
LED light for tent
Event cleaning
Deep carpet washing
Tent cover washing
Dustbins and waste management
Facade and cobblestone maintenance
Graffiti removal
Window wash
Deep floor cleaning, protective replacement and maintenance
Ashtray 27L with insert (Black)
Generator 6.5kW
Soil protection mats 2400 x 1200mm
2.5kW infrared heat radiator (Deck heater)
Petrol refuelling station
ML4 Multi Purpose Lift 6,5m 270kg
Mobile light tower with generator
Mobile light tower with electricity
Generator 66kW on a trailer
Mobile stage 6x4m
Containex sales kiosk 2,4×1,4m
Rectangular folding table 122x76cm
Round folding table 120cm
Tablecloth 220cm in diameter
Folding table in the middle 180x74cm
Round folding table in the middle 152cm
Plastic folding chair white
Plastic folding chair white (VIP)
Deck heater 10kW
Foldable bed
Folding beach chair
Dressing table
Clothes rack (Hourglass)
EcoFlow DELTA Pro battery bank 3.6kWh
Generator 3.2kW (HONDA EU32i)
Partitions (pipe & drape system)
Tablecloth 122x76x74 for table stretch
Tablecloth 152x76x74 for table stretch
Tablecloth 183x76x74 for table stretch