Mobile stage 8x6m

Mobile stage is quick and easy to install, low cost solution for your event. 

Simple and mobile consturuction of the stage allows it to be installed quickly and with little manpower. That is the reason why it has advantage in front the other stage solutions.  

Stage can be installed with or without special speaker towers.

Tehnical information:

Dimensions of stage construction (WxDxH)9,4 x 6,0 x 5,0m
Weight of the stage construction2500kg
Dimensions of stage platform (WxDxH)8,0 x 6,1 x 3,7m
Height of stage floor (depends on the ground level)1-1,3m
Roof capacity300 kg - uniformly on each arch - total 1200 kg
Floor capacity350kg/m2
Stage floor Slip proof, water resistant
Flying Towers load capacity (can be installed without them)500 kg (in the middle point)
Installation time30 min -1h
Stairs2 staris in standard set

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