Performance stages

We can erect performance stages to specifically match the customer’s requirements and resources. Stages can be built in three different fashions – using a truss system, scaffolding or an alternative stage where we use a tent as the roof. We have built big and small performance stages on sandy beaches, on solid ground, and even over water.

For stages, we use the materials and products from the following manufacturers: Layher, Altrad, Milos (Area Four Industries Group), 2M, Global, and Tentnology. This gives our customers the validation of certified high-quality products.

Performance stages can be built with or without a roof, as well as with or without PA towers and wings on the sides. Depending on the need, the staircase may be positioned in front of, behind or beside the stage.

Depending on the stage type, the roof covering is black, white or grey, the walls are covered with a black net, the front of the stage is covered in black fabric and the floor is covered in brown and/or black Event system waterproof plywood panels.

In addition to the above, you can additionally request from us a sound tent, tents for performers to change their outfits, podiums, additional portable staging, floors etc.

If you cannot find a suitable stage for your event in the range below, make sure to contact us and we will help you come up with a suitable solution.

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Marcus Pruuli

Entertainment Department Manager