21,3m wide party tent

The German-made Uniflex 21.3-metre party tent is perfect and durable for use as a large fairground tent, wedding tent, temporary party room or exhibition hall. The roof of the tent does not permeate light but the walls do. The non-light-permeating roof has double the thickness and due to this, projections can be shown and lightshows put on the ceiling of the tent, even during daytime. In addition, the double roof covering keeps in more heat in winter and helps to keep the air cooler in the summer.

The tent has formed aluminium section components, PVC-covers and a system for anchoring to the ground using stakes. We use concrete weights for ballast at locations where holes cannot be made in the ground. Transparent walls, plastic walls and glass panel walls are also available – if you are interested, please ask for additional information!

Ridge height  
Eave height 

Tent width (real width)


Longitudinal pitch of the tent


Minimum tent length


Roof pitch

18 degrees 
Tent coversPVC - white

Unsure, which tent you need? Contact us, and together we can find out the best solution specifically for you.

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