ML4 Multi Purpose Lift 6,5m 270kg

The ML4 Lift is designed for lifting heavy loads up to 6,5 m height and operates using a steel cable via a manual winch with integrated disc brake.

The lift features a PLS (Pin Locking System), rigid steel base and outriggers with adjustable screwjacks.

Key Benefits

  • Rubber pads provide increased traction and surface protection. Height adjustable feet feature high profile threading
  • Forks are available in 0.5 m & 1 m lengths with allowable load versus load position indicators
  • The unique pin locking system and steel pulleys protect your hardware against damage and ensure safe operation at all times
  • All bases come pre-equipped with attachment points for horizontal installation of wheels for easy transport
Technical information: 
270 kg
136 kg
Max. Height
Min. Height
Work surface
1.97 x 1.82 m
Sturdy trapezoidal thread
0.45 m
Outrigger rubber pads
Level indicator
Height indicator
PLS (pin locking system)

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