PVC halls

The framework of PVC halls is made of formed aluminium sections, and its connecting and reinforcement members are made of hot-dip galvanised steel.

  • Roof coverings are made of fabric with PVC coating on either side, colour options are available.
  • Side walls from PVC-coated fabric in the customer’s preferred colour, or from corrugated sheet metal.
  • Pursuant to the customer’s requirements, we can offer sliding and lifting gates, as well as walkthrough doors.
  • The eave height and width of the wall are pursuant to the customer’s requirements.
  • The industrial tent is anchored in the ground using special steel stakes.
  • The load-bearing capacity for snow is up to 300 kg/m2, if required (the Estonian standard is 100 kg/m2).

A cost-effective way to expand your storage or production area.
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