Products for builders

4m wide construction tent
6m wide construction tent
Construction tent 5x5 m
15m wide construction tent
3-channel cable protector
Pop up tent 3x3m
Tall temporary fencing 2x3,5m
Low temporary fencing 1,2x3,5m
Diesel forced air heater 47 kW
Diesel forced air heater 220 kW
Gas-powered forced air heater BLP 33 ET, 33 kW, electronic ignition
8m wide construction tent
20' Portable cabin 2,4x6m
10' Portable cabin 2,4x3m
Standard portable toilet
Heated portable toilet with holding tank
Pop up tent 3x6m
Diesel heat radiator 24,4kW
5-channel cable protector
3-channel cable protector turn section
Fire extinguisher 6 kg
Emergency exit sign
10m wide construction tent
PVC halls
Modular scaffolding
Frame scaffolding
Aluminium scaffolding
Pedestrian tunnel
Staircase tower
Sea container 2,4x6m
Storage container 2,2x2,4m
Storage container 2,4x3m
Rubbish chute
Portable toilet with hand washing capability
Heated portable toilet with a channel
Toilet trailer
21.3m wide construction tent
Diesel heat radiator 29kW
20’ WC portable cabin 2,4x6m
20' shower portable cabin 2,4x6m
Septic tank
Disel forced air heater 81 kW
Generator 24kW on a trailer
Generator 36kW
Generator 36kW on a trailer
Diesel refuelling station
Electrical cables
Sub-distribution switchboards
Light tent 4x6m
Light tent 4x8m
Light tent 5x8m
Light tent 5x10m
Heated portable toilets on trailers
4 kW infrared heat radiator
Electric air heater 18 kW
Mobile fence diagonal support
Diesel heat radiator 14kW
Gas-powered forced air heater 41.7 kW
Post - construction cleaning
Universal safety railing clamp, 0-40cm
Used workshop and office 6m x 12m x 3m
Scaffolding log
Plate compactor, 480kg, diesel, reverse, Weber CR 7 CCD 2.0
Plate compactor, 280kg, petrol, reverse, Weber CR 5-II Hd
Plate compactor, 83kg, petrol, Weber CF2 HD
Rammers, 66kg, petrol, Weber SRV 620-II
Block paving
High pressure cleaner HD 9/23 G
Drain inspection camera ROCAM 4 Plus 30m, 30mm CAS
Wheel loader MULTIONE M1 7.2K
Leaf Blowers PB-770 X-Series, ECHO
Two-axle trailer MAX load 2700kg <3.5t
Chainsaw ECHO CS-420ES/38RC
Asphalt cutter SM 82-3
Wheel loader MULTIONE 5.3K
Low crowd control barrier on fixed legs Pre-Galv CE 1,10 x 2,50m, Medium
Kõrgsurvepesur veesoendiga (diisel) HDS 8/20 D
Diesel forced air heater 20 kW B 70 CED
Diesel forced air heater 29 kW B 100 CED