Wheel loader MULTIONE 5.3K

MultiOne 5 Series compact articulated mini loaders offer a winning combination of performance and low operating costs. No compromise between performance, power, economy, innovation, technology and design.

The telescopic boom combined with the compact size makes the 5 Series the right choice for anyone who needs boom outreach coupled with great agility in narrow spaces: from the DIY to the demanding professional.

The new 5.3 K model is equipped with the Kubota D1305 – 3 cylinders – 1300 cc. engine. It meet the emission requirement for UE and US without hassle of electronic controls or any exhaust treatment.
The particular Multione setup make the engine deliver high torque at low revs giving many advantages to Multione hydraulic controls and circuits with a smooth, reactive and consistent power output.

The new configuration offers: 30% more torque  and  20% more flow output for the attachments.
This mean much more power when it is needed, a smooth and constant power delivery at low rpm and the best attachments performance.


  • Telescopic boom
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low operating cost
  • Multi function joystick (5.3K)
  • 50 l/min (13.2 GPM) output flow (5.3K)
  • Big Block – 1300 cc displacement – Kubota engine (5.3K)
  • Stage V and Tier 4 Final emission compliant (5.3k)
  • Low emission (5.3k)
  • Low noise
  • Big tires available
  • Very versatile

Technical information:

Kubota D1305, 3 cyl. -1261 cc.
Emission Standard
Stage V and Tier 4 Final
Power (Iso Gross) / Torque
25 HP / 85 Nm @ 1700 rpm
Drive speed (max)
12,5 km/h (7.8 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow
50 l/min (13.2 GPM)
Max lifting height
2,75 m (108 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm
800 kg (1764 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside
800 / 2000 mm (31.5 / 78.7 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile)
23×10.50-12 ET-25
1070 kg (2360 lbs)
Tipping load(w/backweights)
1290 kg (2844 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 1030 kg (2270 lbs)

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