We offer event organizers a complete solution in cleaning and waste management.

We have long-term experience in the field and can offer the best solution for housekeeping services and waste management solutions together with project management. Based on our experience, we know how to monitor various important aspects and also help the Customer to make the right decisions, which would ensure a smooth cleaning service at the event or event, both before the event, during and after cleaning.

When planning an event or event, we recommend that you also take into account the planning of the order service early on, because keeping order is extremely important for the organization and success of the event as a whole.

  •   Professional cleaning service
  •   Event cleaning service
  •   Post-event cleaning service
  •   Waste management with container rental
  •   Project management
  •   Washing of the steps of the singing arch
  •   Bon Jovi concert cleaning service
  •   Tallinn Sea Days cleaning service
  •   Beer buzzer cleaning service and project management service
  •   Saaremaa Opera Days cleaning service with project management
  •   Wag wan concert cleaning service
  •   Cleaning service and project management service at the Rammstein concert 2022
  •   Biathlon MK stage 2022 Cleaning service and project management service at Tehvandi
  •   etc

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Robert Rumm

Cleaning Department Manager