Post-construction cleaning 

Post-construction cleaning is required after construction has concluded to get rid of construction dust and waste. Cleaning and tidying up post-construction is one of the most extensive cleaning services. We offer both individual and systematic special cleaning solutions.

Cleaning during construction is also often requested; this accelerates the transfer of work after construction has concluded since things have been kept neat and clean throughout the construction process.

Post-construction cleaning often highlights different construction defects or hidden imperfections, which are especially important pieces of information for the Contracting Entity.

After completion of the work, feedback is important so that we can further improve the quality of our services.

Post-construction cleaning operations are coordinated so that no claims can be made later during delivery.

In addition, we also offer rubbish bins and container rental and waste-elimination when needed. All this according to the wishes and agreements of our clients.

Selection of the services we offer:  

  • Post-construction cleaning service
  • Cleaning service during construction
  • Maintenance of outdoor area during construction
  • Rubbish bin rental
  • Rubbish bag frame rental
  • Rubbish sorting  
  • Post-combustion cleaning operations

In case you don’t see the service you need listed, please contact us and specify your preferences.

Consult our specialists

Consult our specialists

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Juhan Jürlau

Entertainment Department Manager