Tent cover washing

Tent covers are constantly used in outdoor conditions, where they are exposed to changing weather conditions (eg rain, sun), various dusts, exhaust gases that are deposited on the surface of the cover. As a result, the coating becomes dirty and less representative. Prolonged dirt and dust causes the organic coating to grow, which spoils the material and appearance. We recommend performing maintenance washing on the coatings once a year.

When washing coatings, we use special top-class machine washing technology and professional coating detergents.

The laundry consists of 4 stages:
  • Soaking
  • Brush wash
  • Rinsing
  • Drying
As a result, the coating has a clean appearance, at the same time maintaining the material, which also gives a longer service life.

The machine can wash:
  • Modular tents, walls, roofs
  • Party tents
  • Easy-up tents
  • Pvc Coatings
  • Pop-up tents, walls
Pricing and washing are based on the degree of soiling and the type of cover material / tent.

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