Mobile stage 6x4m

The mobile stage is a quick, easy-to-install and affordable solution for your event.

The simple and mobile structure of the stage allows it to be installed quickly and with limited labour, which also makes the stage a more advantageous solution than other stages of the same size.

The stage can be installed with or without the special speaker towers.

Technical data

Dimensions of stage structure (W x D x H)

7.4 x 2.45 x 3.6 m

Overall weight of stage structure

2,500 kg

Size of stage surface (W x D x H)

6.0 x 4.0 x 5.0 m

Height of stage floor (depending on the ground surface)

1–1.3 m

Roof hanging load bearing capacity

450 kg – per 1 roof beam (evenly distributed)
1,800 kg per the whole roof (4 beams)

Load capacity of the floor

350 kg/m²

Floor material

Waterproof plywood with non-slip coating

Load bearing capacity of speaker tower (can also be installed without speaker towers)

500 kg (1 tower, from the centre)

Stage setup time

2–3 h (depends on the installation location)


Two sets of stairs

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