10’ Portable cabin 2,4x3m

The 2.4 x 3 m portable cabin is the little brother of the 6-metre cabin. Compactness has a role to play with the 3-metre portable cabin. This is the best portable cabin solution if you require a small cabin instead of a large cabin at your event.

In addition, the 3-metre portable cabin can also be converted into a small ticket sales booth or a guard booth – use it exactly as you need.


Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions


2989 mm

2795 mm


2435 mm

2240 mm


2591 mm

2340 mm


1290 kg

Exterior paint

RAL 9002 (Grey White)

Interior finish

Wood imitation


1 window / 1 door


External connection 400 V / 32 A / 5-pin
2 kW electric heater
2 electrical connectors
1 ceiling lamp

There are many possible solutions. If you are interested, please contact us and together, we will assemble the best solution for you!

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