Do you need a comfortable, warm and good-looking WC solution that is accompanied by groovy music or the Stories of Uncle Remus in the background?

We can offer you this because our new VIP WC portable cabins are built just for you if you need a different solution for your function/event that also has high quality and style, and can be readily transported to you.

VIP WC-s are divided into two; one side for ladies and the other for gentlemen.

The ladies’ side has a white finish that creates an image of spaciousness; there are cosy white LED lights in the ceiling. The three water closets are divided by red walls. The room has a double sink, water is heated with an instantaneous water heater; soap can be used to wash your hands and paper towels to dry them. Above the sink there is a large illuminated mirror.

The white finish that creates an image of spaciousness is also at the gentlemen’s side but the two water closets are divided by dark walls. In addition, two urinals have also been installed. As with the ladies’ side, the gentlemen’s side also has a double sink, illuminated mirror, soap to wash your hands and paper towels to dry them.

The VIP WC is always accompanied by a cleaner and a technician, which guarantees cleanliness and no issues at every function/event. The cleaner sees to it that there are paper towels, the floor is clean, the sink is in order, the water closets are operational and the rubbish bins do not overflow.

At the same time, the technician keeps an eye on the technical systems.

A proper VIP WC must come with proper service; otherwise the VIP WC would not be VIP.

Technical data of the VIP WC

  • Exterior dimensions of the portable cabin 2.4 x 6.05 x h 2.6 m
  • The portable cabin weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes
  • The whole portable cabin has one 6 kW instantaneous water heater
  • The portable cabin needs to be connected to 32A three-phase power from the outside (make sure to specify the exact power requirement before the event)
  • The water and sewage pipes of the portable cabin are behind the cabin

Important points before you place an order!

  • Contact details of the customer
  • When is your event held?
  • What type of event is it?
  • Where is your event held?
  • How long does the event last? (How many hours or days?)
  • At what time does the VIP WC need to be ready?
  • How can the desired location be accessed? (The VIP WC is transported with a lorry-mounted mobile crane and it is important that the car can access the location and that the ground is solid enough)
  • Can a connection to the water mains be made on site?
  • Can a connection to sewerage be made on site?
  • If there is no possibility of connecting to the water mains and/or sewerage, then how much space is left behind the portable cabin, to perform the required connections?

Consult our specialists

You have an idea, but do not know how to put it into practice? Contact us, and together we will find a solution for you!

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