Event cleaning

We offer event organizers a complete solution for cleaning and garbage management.

Our long experience in this field is a trump card, because we can recommend how many cleaners are needed before, during and after the event. We are able to monitor various important aspects and at the same time help the Client to make the right decisions that would ensure the smooth operation of the event and, after the event, also a clean area.

If necessary, we offer garbage disposal, rubbish bins and containers and a garbage press.

When planning an event, always ask for a cleaning offer early, as cleaning plays an extremely important role in the success of the event.

In addition, we also offer a garbage sorting service. We help to map the need for bins for the different types of waste that need to be sorted, including labels that help visitors understand where to throw what.

If you have workers who do not have a team leader with the appropriate skills and knowledge, we can offer the services of a Project Manager. From the beginning to the end, the project manager manages and administers the entire maintenance service.

Detailed work organization will be established in cooperation with the Customer.

Here is a selection of the services we offer:
  • Pre-event cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Post-event cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Project management service
  • Garbage can rental

If you do not find the service you need in this list, please contact us and specify your wishes.

Some of the work done:

  • Bon Jovi concert cleaning and garbage collection service

  • Tallinn Maritime Days full maintenance service

  • Beer buzzer "Õllesummer" maintenance and project management service

  • Saaremaa Opera Days maintenance and project management service

  • Rammstein concert maintenance and project management service

  • Wag wan concert cleaning and garbage collection service

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