Deep carpet washing

We perform wet washing of various carpets (short, long-haired), during which we wash out the dust and dirt accumulated deep in the carpet fibers. Carpet washing is performed throughout the carpet. We recommend washing regularly, as older stains are already more difficult and expensive to remove. If there is a stain on the carpet, we recommend dealing with it immediately. We recommend regular cleaning of carpets with a higher frequency of use, for example in offices. This prevents stains that are difficult to remove and at the same time creates a fresher environment in the premises.

Carpet cleaning process:

  • We use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from carpet fibers.
  • With a low-pressure spray, we apply a cleaning agent to the carpet to be treated and let it work.
  • We use a carpet cleaning machine to wash dirt out of the fibers.
  • When removing stains, we use appropriate washing solutions.
  • Rinse and remove excess water with a vacuum cleaner.

When compiling a price offer, we proceed from the following factors:

  • Degree of soiling
  • M2 of washable area
  • Location

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