When organising events, weddings, company summer parties and other such events, the question of who will take care of cleaning and waste disposal is often asked. Who is responsible for this field? How many cleaners or rubbish bins do you even need? Do you require special cleaning operations?

All these questions are very important, and this is where we come to help! By having long-term experience, we can provide you with a high-quality service with all that is required. We will find the right number of people, rubbish bins with the correct size, and also rubbish containers in the case of larger events. In addition, it might be the case that you need a clean-up of sequins, power washing of stairs, etc.

Our people have experience in organising the maintenance services of both larger and smaller events, for example, the Robbie Williams concert, Tallinn Maritime Days, Guns N’ Roses concert, Tallinn Rally, and many other events where we have gained experience throughout the years.

Feel free to contact us; let us arrange a meeting, map out the needs and make you an offer.

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