Portable cabin 2.4x6 m

A portable construction site cabin or office cabin are some of the most popular site cabins that are used by many construction companies as well as private persons. The portable cabin manufactured by Containex can easily be transported, installed and conveniently modified at the same time.

The Containex-type portable cabins can be built together into larger rooms, office spaces, or for creating different connecting rooms.

We also rent out sanitary cabins. Do you require portable cabins at your site or a temporary office space during renovation? Contact us, and together we can offer you the best possible solution.

Exterior width/interior width 2,435m/2,24m
Exterior length/interior length 6,055m/5,86m
Exterior height/interior height 2,591m/2,34m

Are you interested in buying a portable cabin? Contact us and we will make you an offer!

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