Diesel heat radiator 14kW

The diesel heat radiator is easy to install and it does not take up much space, either – it is perfect to use in different smaller tents, rooms or even on stage to warm up equipment.

The device has a fuel burner with a pump, which makes hot gas circulate in pipes with ceramic coating, giving out infrared heat. It is a radiator that is extremely economical but very effective at the same time, consuming only 50 W of power upon start-up and 1.2 litres of fuel per hour on average.

The heat pipe contains a high-quality system that blocks hazardous gas and unpleasant odours. The heating device is ecological, harmless, non-polluting and odourless. The burning process is clean and quiet. The furnace requires fresh air for the burning process.

Its area of use is very broad: in different party tents, indoor spaces, larger garages, agricultural equipment storage halls, etc.

Technical data:

  • Heatable area: up to 88 m2 (subject to conditions)
  • Heating capacity: 14 kW
  • Fuel tank volume: 30 l
  • Fuel consumption: 1.2 l/h
  • Electricity consumption: 50 W
  • Input: 230 V
  • Dimensions: 1027 x 325 x 945 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg

The device only consumes electricity in the ignition system, in keeping the burner in operation and the control unit. Therefore, it is possible to use the cigarette lighter (at least a 150 W inverter is required), battery or generator of a car as the power supply, also creating a completely autonomous heating system at locations without access to the electricity network.

Please note! The diesel heat radiator is always delivered with a 100% full tank and must be returned with a 100% full tank. Otherwise, a refill fee of € 2 + km/litre will be added on return.
IT IS NOT ALLOWED to use special fuels (blue and red) in diesel heat radiator.

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