Rubbish bins 

Our rental park offers a variety of rubbish bins and rubbish bag frames. If you need larger rubbish containers, coordinate with us and we will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

In addition, we also offer the possibility of waste sorting – differently labelled boxes according to the type of waste.

Waste sorting is important at both events and on construction sites.

We also take care of rubbish removal.

  • 140 l rubbish bins
  • 240 l rubbish bins
  • Rubbish bag frames
  • 600 l rubbish containers
  • Rubbish containers  

If you don’t see the product you need listed, please contact us and specify your preferences.

Consult our specialists

Consult our specialists

You have an idea, but do not know how to put it into practice? Contact us, and together we will find a solution for you!

Juhan Jürlau

Entertainment Department Manager