Module scaffolding Layher Allround

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‘The Layher Allround scaffolding system is extremely flexible and enables scaffolding to be erected in a great variety of locations, from straight façades all the way to piping, ships, containers and boilers.In addition to regular adjustable supports, this scaffolding may also be placed on wheels or, instead, suspended. They are also very convenient for erecting large platforms, for instance, for finishing ceilings or constructing roofs in locations where, due to height or other reasons, scaffolding on wheels cannot be used.For module scaffolding, height may be varied in 50 cm increments, which is needed for masonry. As a result, module scaffolding is also prized by masons.UC Rent provides Layher Allround module scaffolding whose members have these widths and lengths:

  • 0.45 m,
  • 0.73 m,
  • 1.09 m,
  • 1.40 m,
  • 1.57 m,
  • 2.07 m.
  • 2.57 m
  • 3.07 m.

The best result is produced by combining frame scaffolding with module scaffolding since in Layher’s case, both scaffolding types are based on a single system.If you have an access problem on your site, contact us and we will find the best suitable solution for your site.’