Gas heater / terrace heater 13 kW

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‘With fast-fixing pieces, heating diameter ca 6 m. Gas consumption ca 1.5 kg / hour when operating at full capacity Height 2.2 mThe gas heater is an ideal solution to provide heating inside a tent even on cold nights.Gas 11 kg – €30; (empty cylinder has to be returned)Conditions of use:

  • The heater must not be used inside living, office or other such spaces
  • The shelter may be used for heating only
  • The heater has to be installed on an even and stable surface
  • The gas cylinder has to be located in an area where it is not exposed to sunshine
  • The heater has to be positioned at least 2 m from any inflammable materials
  • After the replacement of the gas cylinder, the seal of the connection has to be checked
  • It is absolutely forbidden to check the seal using a naked flame
  • It is forbidden to disassemble a gas heater independently on your own
  • After using the heater, also in the event of any damage to the heater, the valve of the gas cylinder has to be shut immediately.
  • Before the heater is relocated, it has to be turned off and the gas cylinder has to be removed.
  • In the event of any damage to the gas cylinder, call the Rescue Service on the emergency telephone number 112.

Starting the gas heater:

  • Open the gas cylinder valve
  • Adjust the control button for minimum heat and keep it pressed down, while pressing on the ignition button several times simultaneously.
  • After lighting, keep the ignition button pressed down for 10 seconds
  • If the heater has not begun to burn within 3 seconds, it may be re-started after at least 2 minutes have passed.
  • The flame has to be adjusted slowly and evenly
  • After using the heater, the valve of the gas cylinder has to always be turned until shut