Frame scaffolding Layher SpeedyScaf

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‘Layher SpeedyScaf frame scaffolding is designed for speedy and convenient installation mainly on straight façades. However, by using consoles, trusses, brackets and other additional members, also more complex scaffolding structures may be created.In unusual locations, the best result is produced by combining frame scaffolding with module scaffolding since, in Layher’s case both scaffolding types are based on a single system. An advantage of frame scaffolding over module scaffolding is their lower rental price.UC Rent provides Layher SpeedyScaf frame scaffolding has a frame with a width of 0.73 m and these lengths:

  • 0.73 m,
  • 1.09 m,
  • 1.40 m,
  • 1.57 m,
  • 2.07 m.
  • 3.07 m.